We have adopted a programmatic approach to address the complex and interrelated elements of systemic change in clearly defined intervention fields. As a pathfinder, Noaber initiates and accelerates such programs with the intent to enhance stakeholder involvement and ultimately hand them over to system-level players or enable others to take on this role if they are up to such a challenge. We seek to remain engaged as long as our involvement results in a meaningful contribution to systemic change towards optimizing health span. Our programs are focused on social health, population health, and lifestyle (medicine). These three areas require change for which we can play a role in facilitating the transition towards an active and healthy life. Given the complexity, we plan to remain focused on and actively engaged in these programs for the years to come, while we continually evaluate the need for additional programs that align with the role we want to play and the goal we seek to achieve.


Our investment strategy is aligned with the focus of Noaber Foundation. We focus on solutions that contribute to healthy and active life. Core focus areas include health activation, early screening and diagnostics, smart chronic care management, and health systems. The focus is primarily on (pre-)seed investments. Early-stage investments are limited to follow-on investments within the current portfolio or co-investments with strategic partners and funds. Generally, we are the first professional investor in a venture. Pre-seed investments are made through partners. 


In our annual report, we include a selection of highlights, news items, and new developments in our portfolios of programs and participations.