driving change?

driving change?


How do our partners see the role we want to play: are we the driving force for change? Are we making the contribution that we envision in this regard? Are we helping to change the health system and the processes in that system, and what does all this do at the societal level?


"You help us tremendously through your commitment, wise words, critical eye, and the efforts of your network. But I noticed, especially through the Change event, that you could do this even more; optimizing, and cross-pollinating. And you know, if it then becomes too much for me, I can always say no."

Rianneke van der Kooi
Director &niped

"If Noaber had not put the topic of shifting from care to health on the agenda, the ‘kavel’ model and HealthKIC would not exist. In other words: Noaber had the willingness to get a group of experts to think about and work on a necessary and fundamental transformation. Both through financial resources and the use of its networks. And then when it exploded (and it sometimes did) I, and HealthKIC, always came out the other side stronger and more mature!"

Leonie Vorage
Director of HealthKIC

"You keep us on our toes: what is really important, what has a chance of success and what does not? Moreover, you have a large network and are very good at connecting: where do we turn, who not to forget, and who has thought of this before? And of course: Noaber made our initiative possible with 'smaller' seed grants."

Rogier Verstralen and Prof. Dr. Bart Kiemeny


More than half of the respondents in a survey we made in 2021 indicated that the collaboration with Noaber contributed to the development of a product/service and the creation of a market for it, the development of the organization size, and the positioning in the field. Almost three-quarters of the respondents indicated that the collaboration did not result in the introduction of regulations based on or as a result of the initiative.

Nearly three-quarters of respondents indicate that the collaboration with Noaber has contributed to improving the range of products or services around health and care and innovating the healthcare system as a whole. More than half mention that collaboration has contributed to increasing health, increasing patient satisfaction, increasing caregiver satisfaction, and increasing the healthcare system as a whole. A reduction in health care costs is what respondents see least as a result of the collaboration (43%).



Societal changes in the health care system
By far the most respondents mention challenging others to look for innovations in the health care system, creating more social awareness around health and increasing social awareness about health as a consequence of working with Noaber. Slightly less than half of the respondents endorse that the collaboration has created a different way of thinking within their own organization.