Change and Changemakers 2022

On June 21 of last year, we welcomed more than 180 guests to Landgoed Zonneoord: those involved within our programs and participations, researchers, policymakers and others who were interested in the new perspectives we addressed in a varied program which we announced as follows

"Change ... and new perspectives on health…we will have to because our health is too important. We chose the following perspectives. How about living together, health disparities, wage shots, climate change, and technology?"

We promised participants a meeting in a magazine format led by an honored experienced chairperson (Lea Bouwmeester). Content and variety. With a choice of speakers.

Prof. Jet Bussemaker (Chair of the Council for Public Health & Society) spoke about health inequalities in our Dutch society. In a penetrating way, her story was supplemented with a spoken column by Michelle van Tongerloo who works as a street doctor in Rotterdam.

John Halamka M.D. (president Mayo Clinic Digital Platform) inspired online with his wisdom and experience in the field of technology,

Biologist, philosopher, and journalist Ruben Mersch outlined the impact of climate change on our health. Anne Roozendaal provided him with concrete examples from doctors' practice. Anne is the initiator of The Climate Doctors.

And finally, we listened - also online - to Safi Bahcall. He is a serial entrepreneur and author of Loonshots, a worldwide bestseller. In his introduction, he challenged guests to work on ideas that change the world. His argument boiled down to the following: truly empowering high-impact changes all have something in common: they start as flawed, incredibly fragile ideas that almost don't make it. That's because they are "loon shots," ideas so original and ambitious that they and their creators are initially dismissed as crazy (loon shot = loony + moonshot).


The changemakers day was held on June  20 for the CEOs of our participations. An interactive program introduced them to two highly experienced connoisseurs of companies and entrepreneurs.

Gijs van de Molengraf founded Gritd and he has studied the growth patterns of thousands of start-ups. The framework has been distilled based on his scientific and practical research and was applied to the participating participants of Noaber Ventures and NextGen Ventures. Thus they were able to be properly prepared for their next growth phase (and the crisis that inevitably follows)

The CEO’s also met Jani Anahola: a Finnish serial entrepreneur and visionary business leader dedicated to improving healthcare through the use of digital technology. As a strategist and product builder, he shared his belief in a future where we weave the fabric of digital technologies into human-centered care models to create a highly personalized, data-informed, and socially contextualized ecosystem of care for every person. Jani founded Noona, a former participation of Noaber Ventures which was acquired by Varian.